Eric Andre Continues To Cause Havoc At The RNC With A Little Help From Tim Heidecker

Eric Andre continues to not give a crap about anybody at the Republican National Convention. He managed to hilariously ruin Alex Jones’ entrance to the event on day one. Now, right in the middle of Ben Carson’s marquee speech on day two, Andre returns to the spotlight on the floor of the convention. He’s not alone and he’s not about to hold back on showing off some very patriotic fashion.

He also posed for a few photos around the rest of the convention, dressed a little more conservatively. I can only hope someone managed to put him through a desk shortly after this photo was taken:

But don’t think that Andre is the only Adult Swim alum in attendance in Cleveland. It would seem that Tim Heidecker is also in on the fun and also choosing Alex Jones as his target. Heidecker is in attendance with Vic Berger according to The Fader and was actually the one who livestreamed the Andre stage show with Jones. Here, Heidecker is channeling the InfoWars lord on the street and doing a pretty good job with it all.

Not a bad taste of intentional comedy from Cleveland so far this week. Then again, they’ve got a lot of easy targets out there: