The ‘Euphoria’ Special Episode Trailer Has Rue Plotting Her Next Move In A Diner

Euphoria is back in early December, with an interlude between seasons that will come as two standalone episodes. And now we have a first look at what Part 1 has in store for us.

HBO shared a trailer for the first of these special episodes on Monday, a 50-second clip that featured Rue in a diner thinking things through while she’s waiting for something.

“What if we just go to the city?” an echoey version of Zendaya’s voice asks in a flashback. “What if we just f*cking left?”

The scenes then show an apparent change of heart, with Rue standing alone at what appears to be a train station. The final moments of the trailer show that she’s not alone at that diner, and maybe needs a bit of help in plotting what’s next.

Zendaya also shared the trailer on Twitter, the latest in a series of sneak peaks at the special episodes, the first of which will air later this week. She also showed a teaser poster that also made clear the focus of this episode would be on her character, Rue.

All of the marketing materials have stressed that it’s not the start of Season 2, but something in between. But the trailer makes it clear that there’s a lot to cover in these two episodes, at it may be starting with Rue thinking things over while she eats some diner food.