Olly From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Glad Everyone Hates His Guts

Every season of Game of Thrones has its own Most Hated Douchebag, and this season, young Olly of the Night’s Watch stepped out from a crowded field of contenders to snatch the award. He’s the one who stabbed Jon Snow in the heart… by shooting his wildling girlfriend with an arrow in season four. Despite this, Jon took the kid under his wing and helped him make a new home at Castle Black. And Olly repaid that kindness by stabbing him again — this time in literal fashion — during a mutiny.

That made Olly everyone’s top pick for MHD, and because we are children who have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, the actor who plays Olly got a lot of hate, too. But he’s cool with that. In an interview with The Express, Brenock O’Connor explains why he actually appreciated all that shade thrown at him over the internet:

“At the beginning I was getting quite a bit of hate. It was quite strange from no one really noticing my character to people sending hateful messages over Twitter and stuff but it’s sort of died down now. I just enjoy the fact that I had that much of an impact. It’s very rare for my character to get noticed really, so I was quite happy with the reaction that I got. When you do something bad, you want a bad reaction for it.”

Apparently, Brenock didn’t even know he’d get to kill (kill?) Jon until a week or so before the scene was filmed, which makes him and Jon Snow the only two people who didn’t see that coming from a mile away. As for his future on Game of Thrones, the actor is being mum on the subject, but he is currently busy filming a BBC series called Dickensian while most of the Thrones cast is in Ireland filming season six.

Perhaps he’ll suffer the same fate as Gendry and never be seen again. We can only hope that Olly comes back… if only for a few shots so we can watch the White Walkers kill him.

(via The Express)