The ‘GoldenEye’ Parody On ‘Family Guy’ Will Take You Back To Your Nintendo 64 Days

[Extremely old man voice] Before nites were being forted and red deads were being redeemed, there was GoldenEye, one of the best video games for the Nintendo 64 console. The first-person shooter, based on the James Bond film of the same name, was influential and, more importantly, a blast to play, as long as no one picked Oddjob in multiplayer mode. (It’s a miracle it turned out as well as it did.) Seth MacFarlane is clearly a fan, because during the most recent episode of Family Guy, Peter and Meg staged a GoldenEye-style escape.

After being sent to a Korean prison, Meg suggests a “an impossible video game escape,” to which Peter responds, “Can it be GoldenEye?” From there, the animation turns into N64-level graphics; there’s even a list of objectives Meg must complete, including, “Neutralize enemy targets” and “get controller all Cheese Doodle-y.” Peter explains, “This is what 1997 looked like,” and when Meg guns down the bad guys, he comments, “It’s less sad because they don’t bleed.” (The game was originally going to have “beautifully rendered gore.”)

This isn’t the first time Family Guy has spoofed a classic video game. In a season 14 episode, Peter and Quagmire play Tecmo Bowl, featuring the unstoppable Bo Jackson. Later, Peter challenges Cleveland to a game of Double Dribble, where he exploits a real-life glitch that allows him to hit every “corner three.”