Seth MacFarlane Offers A Promising Update On The ‘Family Guy’ Movie


A full-length Family Guy movie (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story does not count) has been in discussion since at least 2012, when creator Seth MacFarlane said that “we do know what the Family Guy movie will be.” Three years later, he confirmed the movie would be coming “soon”; three years after that came word of a “Family Guy film that would mix animation with live action,” but unlike The Bob’s Burgers Movie (July 17, 2020!), there’s nothing officially on the schedule.

What’s the hold up? Is it because the writers can’t decide which Bette Midler song the Griffins should sing next? MacFarlane was asked to give an update on the Family Guy movie during a recent appearance on the Today show, and although it’s not coming any time soon, it hasn’t fallen off his “to-do list.”

“I’ve been talking about this for ten years,” he said. “The Family Guy movie is still on my to-do list… I have a pretty clear sense of what it’s going to be. I have for some time, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.” MacFarlane is a busy man — on top of Family Guy, he’s still voicing Stan, Roger, etc. on American Dad! and starring in The Orville and The Loudest Voice; he’s also probably recording a Dean Martin tribute album with a full orchestra this very moment — so the feature-film delay is understandable. What’s less understandable is the time I…

[enters a flashback void]
/five minutes later/
[leaves the flashback void]

It’s terrifying in there. So many surfin’ birds.

(Via Today)