Stewie’s Voice On ‘Family Guy’ Has Been A Lie This Entire Time

Senior Pop Culture Editor
03.19.18 13 Comments


Say what you will about his work as an Oscar host, but Seth MacFarlane is an undoubtedly talented voice actor. On American Dad, he’s an uptight CIA agent and a sexually adventurous alien; on The Cleveland Show, he’s an Eastern Europe bear; and on Family Guy, he’s half the population of Quahog, Rhode Island, including horny neighbor Quagmire, newscaster Tom Tucker, and quintessential New England Patriots fan (and all-around slob) Peter Griffin.

He’s also the voice of Stewie Griffin, a flamboyantly brilliant baby who speaks with a distinctive upper-class British accent reminiscent of James Mason. Except, as we learned in last night’s commercial-free episode — “Send In Stewie, Please,” which had Stewie discuss his sexuality with child psychologist Dr. Cecil Pritchfield (Sir Ian McKellen) — that’s not his real voice. This may come as a surprise, but the Rhode Island-born child doesn’t sound like he’s auditioning for Macbeth. He sounds like, well, his father’s son.

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