‘Fargo’ Frozen Five: Get The Man A Cream Soda

05.11.17 2 Comments


The Fargo Frozen Five is a weekly countdown of five notable things from FX’s Minnesota murder show, meant to serve as a supplement to our standard recap coverage. It will probably get weird at times. In a way, that’s kind of appropriate.

5. “Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin.”

One of the complaints about this season of Fargo has been that it is rehashing too much from the first two seasons. Similar pieces, plopped into similar places, etc. I imagine that if this was an issue for you, you might have heard Billy Bob Thornton narrating Peter and the Wolf in the opening and thought, “So, what? Is this just this season’s version of Mike Milligan reading “Jabberwocky” from last season?” And I can see how you might think that.

But also, I do not care. Not even a little. It was very cool and fun and when I recognized that it was Billy Bob — Lorne Malvo himself, back from the dead, kind of — I started smiling from ear to ear. Especially once all the characters and instruments were assigned. Nikki as the cat? Yes, of course. Varga as the wolf? Obviously. Part of me wishes they had just opened the season with it because it explained the characters as well as any monologue or “Oh geez” we’ve seen so far. But then we would have missed out on the phrase “unfathomable pinheadery” and Gloria’s Hollywood adventure, so I guess this was fine, too.

4. “There you go, using three syllable words for a one syllable problem.”


Gloria is back from Los Angeles and back to the investigation proper. Some notes:

– Gloria is a bit of a sneaky loose cannon. She’s polite and very Minnesota about it all, but she plays by her own rules and gets results. I can’t wait for the scene where she gets taken off the case.

– Officer Lopez, the cop Gloria met in the bathroom who proceeded to spill all sorts of very personal information about her and her husband attempting to conceive, is now my third favorite character on this show, behind only Nikki Swango and Sy Fultz. (Sy’s attempts at being a tough guy crack me up. Any scene with him in his yellow Hummer is a joy.) And she’s an important one, too, because she was the one who really made sense of the Stussy/Stussy/Stussy murder fiasco. We like her. Hopefully she does not get murdered.

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