The Confusing Outcome Of This Week’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ Explained


(WARNING: Massive Fear The Walking Dead spoilers will be found below.)

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead introduced yet another new character in Rabbi Jacob, finally gave a featured storyline to Charlie this season, and buttoned the episode — as it did last week — with Logan. The ending of this week’s episode, however, might have been somewhat confusing for viewers who haven’t been paying complete attention all season, or who may have missed the end of last week’s episode.

At the end of this week’s episode, Logan’s men — led by Rollie — start pursuing the convoy while John and June are away in the SWAT truck. Rollie, whose life Dwight spared two weeks ago, pulls up next to the 18-wheeler being driven by Sarah and Dwight. Sarah and Dwight believe that they’re about to be shot and killed, but just as Rollie drives up next to them, he abruptly peels off and drives away.

Sarah believes it’s because John and June arrive with the SWAT van, but Dwight knows better. Logan used Rollie as a distraction — while Sarah and the convoy are fleeing Rollie, Logan is driving toward the oil fields. But how did Logan even know where Tank Town was located? It’s not explained in this episode, but recall that, at the end of last week’s episode, Logan broke into the storage unit where Althea was keeping all of her videotapes. We can surmise that, based on what he saw on those videotapes, Logan was somehow able to piece together the location of Tank Town.

Two fairly big questions remain, and there’s no guarantee that Fear will answer either of them: Short of creating an oil refinery, what did Clayton/Polar Bear build to allow him to either create new gas or store old gas to keep it from losing its potency? More importantly, what exactly is it that Logan wants with the gas? He’s not been clear about his motivations, but it’s possible — based on clues he offered in last week’s episode — that he is working with the helicopter/CRM people, which may reunite Althea with the woman she fell in love with, Isabel.

In the next episode or two, we may finally get a glimpse of Tank Town, the inexplicable location that much of this season has focused upon.