‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Gets A New Trailer, Format Change, And A Release Date

The trailer for the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead was released today during the Fear Comic Con panel. The trailer features footage that has already been shot from the season, which is overlaid with Morgan’s farewell speech at the end of season five. The trailer looks great, although that has been the case in each season of Fear the Walking Dead, and the seasons themselves have not always matched the quality of the trailers.

Let’s get the two biggest questions about season six out of the way. It will premiere on October 11th, although we don’t know how many episodes are set to air.

Question number two: Is Morgan alive? Yes, it appears that he is. Asked by Chris Hardwick during the Comic Con panel what Rick Grimes would think of season six, Lennie James said, “I think that he would be happy to see his friend alive.” James is also directing an episode, and he said he was grateful he didn’t have to act much in that particular episode, which suggests he did have to act more in the others.

The sixth season will also feature a format change. It will be darker than previous seasons, and will operate more like an anthology series. Each episode will focus on a smaller number of characters as they deal with the challenges. Each set of characters will live in separate communities controlled by season 6 villain Virginia. “There will be 16 little movies that fold into each other. No one other show is doing that right now,” Scott Gimple said in the panel. We also discovered that the episode that Lennie James directs will focus on Strand and Alicia.

Meanwhile, we will see Dwight and Sherry together in season six, and not only will there be a time jump, Gimple teased that there could be time jumps, which could take us closer to the existing The Walking Dead timeline.

Fear the Walking returns on Sunday, October 11th at 9 p.m.