‘Fear The Walking Dead’s First Look At Season 7 Sheds Some Light On The ‘Time Jump’ Question

Fear The Walking Dead, for months, didn’t shy away from speculation that a possible time jump was in store for this spinoff, and maybe that could have been a way to tie some of The Walking Dead universe threads together. The universe’s architect, Scott Gimple, previously danced around the subject, telling Entertainment Weekly (regarding a time jump), “That is something we’re playing around with for the future, and time is actually going to be played around with on this season of Fear the Walking Dead.”

Well, the way that the season ended could have conceivably set up such a jump by sealing many characters into an underground-bunker setting, where presumably, they’d need to stay for years following a detonated nuke in Texas. Yet the way that the action played out seemed to rule out a logical set up to a time jump occurring. And during Saturday’s virtual San Diego Comic-Con panel, a few first look clips at Season 7 showed how four of the characters are riding out the nuclear fallout, and things don’t seem too time-jumpy, at least not in what we’re seeing here.

Above, Morgan awakens in a bunker to the sound of crying baby Morgan, who was obviously present in the Season 6 finale and is still (no mystery here!) a baby. Then Grace (who recently lost her own baby) heads out into the outside world, possibly to track down some food for the hungry child. She’s seen wearing a protective suit and a respirator and gazes out into the immediate wasteland before walking past an incapacitated walker on the ground. All of this would lead one to believe that, nope, there’s no leap into the future here.

In the below clip, John Dorie, Sr. and June appear in their own post-nuke confines, where they stumble upon the room where serial-killing Teddy took his victims. Yikes.

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead will premiere Season 7 on October 17.