David Schwimmer’s New AMC Series ‘Feed The Beast’ Gets An Extended, Intense Trailer

AMC isn’t just for zombies, wetter zombies, and morally vexed legal professionals. Would-be restaurateurs are also on the slate. Sure, they’re would-be restaurateurs that are trapped in a maze of danger and potential death, but that’s sort of the deal with prestige-y cable TV dramas, now isn’t it?

The upcoming drama Feed the Beast features David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess as super tight friends (but not Friends) with a dream of owning an upscale restaurant in The Bronx, but have the weight of their past to deal with. There’s already been a remarkably quick sneak peek at the series and now we’ve approached the point where it’s extended trailer time.

This fresh 96-second look-in at Feed the Beast fails to answer if there’s juice served at the potential eatery, but provides a bit more of an idea of the intensity the show has at the ready. Post-jail reunions! Questions about alcoholism! A parade of horrible circumstances! All these can presumably be yours to absorb when Feed the Beast makes its premiere on June 5.

“When the stakes are this high, every meal could be their last,” notes a helpful bit of on-screen text as we pinball from wine sniffing to guns being pulled in this intriguing trailer. We’ll see how the final product pans out this summer.