David Schwimmer’s AMC Drama, ‘Feed The Beast,’ Is Heavy On Wine And Crime In These First Images

David Schwimmer is having quite the career comeback. The former Friends star is currently saying “Juice” a lot on American Crime Story. And soon, he’ll star in a new AMC series called Feed the Beast.

The synopsis of Feed the Beast sounds appropriately gritty, with Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess playing two friends, Tommy and Dion, who are so close that they are “like brothers.” They’re both in trouble a lot, and see their attempts to open a nice restaurant in The Bronx as their last chance to save themselves.

According to the AMC press release, the rest of the cast gives you an idea of what this show will be like:

Additional casting for the series includes Michael Gladis (Mad Men, House of Lies), who will play Patrick Woichik, aka The Tooth Fairy, the soft spoken, brutally intimidating local mobster with a penchant for pulling teeth; Lorenza Izzo (The Green Inferno, Sex Ed), who will play Pilar Herrera, a woman who meets Tommy in a grief group, and is desperately searching for true love; Christine Adams (Batman Begins, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), who will star as Tommy’s late wife Rie Moran, John Doman (The Wire, The Affair), who will play Tommy’s father Aidan Moran, a shrewd and ruthless businessman and unapologetic racist; and Elijah Jacob (Spot On) who will play Tommy’s ten year old son TJ Moran.

An outer borough drama with a guy from Mad Men, a guy from The Wire, and a possibly annoying kid character to round out the cast. Sounds like a prestige cable television show to me.