‘Fleabag’ Season 2 Is Happening And Could Be Here As Early As Next Year

The first season of Fleabag was one of the most satisfying surprise television successes in recent memory, but the story wrapped up nicely enough that it wouldn’t be a surprise for the show to end there and fans to have to use their imaginations to consider where Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s title character ended up in the future and how her life panned out after the revelations of the finale. It also wouldn’t have been a shock for the show to end a one season simply based on Waller-Bridge’s schedule seeing as she also created the show and has more than enough projects lined up over the next few years to keep her busy.

She is a character in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie, where she will hopefully be a welcome voice in the Star Wars universe, and is writing an upcoming series for the BBC as well. But in the middle of all that is already on her plate, the unique voice has decided that she does indeed have a story that would be worth telling in a second season of Fleabag. Even better, preparations for the second season are already well underway and it could premiere as early as 2018. She told Radio Times,

“We cracked it open so that she would be able to have a life beyond it and also there are so many more stories and story strands and character strands come out of this series. [I only wanted to bring the show back if I had] an idea that was good enough. I think I have one. We are all trying to make it work and have the same team back.”

Even better news for fans, Waller-Bridge is taking plans for a second season incredibly seriously. She has said in the past that

“I have that feeling of, ‘Oh, quickly, quickly, because it’s worked just fucking write some more.’ But it’s so special and personal to me that I don’t want to fuck it up.”

That bodes well for whatever Season 2 might be about, and whether it can live up to what people loved about the first stretch of episodes.