Forgotten Classics: Nazi Sitcom ‘Heil Honey I’m Home’

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Forgotten Classic, and this one is a doozy: “Heil Honey I’m Home,” a British sitcom meant to spoof American sitcoms of the 1950s. It was canceled after a single episode in 1990. Hmmm, I wonder why…

The show centres on fictionalised versions of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who live next door to a Jewish couple, Arny and Rosa Goldenstein. The show’s plot is centred on Hitler’s inability to get along with his neighbours. [Wiki]

WOW. Don’t get me wrong, I think Holocaust jokes are a real gas. They’re fun to cook up, but I’m writing for a small audience that understands I’m not anti-Semitic. (Or my audience is REALLY anti-Semitic.) But the point is: TOO SOON, man. Too soon. Keep this video in your hip pocket the next time some pretentious twat tries to tell you how much better British shows are than American ones.

(Fun fact: In the clip above, Eva mentions the name Klaus Katzenjammer. Katzenjammer is a German word that translates loosely to “hangover.” Thanks, Word of the Day!)

[omarcustv via BadtvBlog]