Former ‘SNL’ Cast Member Rob Riggle On Witnessing The Infamous Ashlee Simpson Walk-Off

Some of you may recall that, before The Daily Show made him more famous, Rob Riggle was actually a cast member on Saturday Night Live for the 2004-2005 season. He played, among others, Larry the Cable Guy, Mark McGwire, and Toby Keith, and that bailiff up there with Horatio Sanz.

That season was also the year of Ashlee Simpson’s hoedown snaf, where she was caught lip-synching, did a hoedown, and walked off stage. That happened during Rob Riggle’s second episode as a cast member. During a Reddit AMA out in support of Dumb and Dumber To, Riggle was asked if he had any off-camera memories from his time on the show, and he offered that very incident:

Also, SNL… my second show ever was the show where Ashlee Simpson walked off the stage during her second song… I was standing right next to the stage and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… I was totally shocked. I remember saying to one of the writers who was standing next to me, “…does she know this is a live show?” and he could only muster a response of “Holy shi*t…” There’s one memory….

Holy sh*t, indeed.

Ten years later, and Rob Riggle is starring in the biggest comedy of the weekend, and no one has any clue what Ashlee Simpson is doing these days (other than marrying Diana Ross’ son).

Source: Reddit