Fresh Off Canceling ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ Fox Revives Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’


The day after FOX announced the cancellation of the beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine after five seasons, the network is delivering more (arguably) unpopular programming developments. That is, and amid continuing uproar and speculation that the cancelled fan favorite may find a new home at Hulu or Netflix (or elsewhere), FOX is reviving a ghost from the non-so-distant past — the Tim Allen-starring Last Man Standing

In a FOX press release, the network announced that Allen and his TV family shall return for the 2018-2019 season. The show, which starred Allen as (yet another) version of himself, ran on ABC from 2011-2017 before getting the boot and being passed over by CMT for a near-immediate revival. The former Home Improvement “Tool Time” juggernaut then popped off a little while declaring his alter-ego to be too “dangerous” for television to handle.

Indeed, Allen Hollywood Reporter last fall, “There is nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable, conservative character.” He also expressed the desire for his Last Man Standing character to be comparable to Archie Bunker of All In The Family fame. Allen then persisted with continued attempts to bring Last Man Standing back to the airwaves, and it seems that his crusade has paid off.

(Via FOX)