Fox May Be Renewing ‘Wayward Pines’ For More Episodes

So, how about that Wayward Pines? Initially billed as an event series, the program brought in pretty stellar ratings consecutively through its 10-episode summer run on Fox. Now — much like what CBS did with Under The Dome and NBC with The Night Shift — THR is reporting that Fox may be looking to expand on this “limited” series with new episodes, maybe:

As for summer event series Wayward Pines, Walden didn’t rule out another miniseries installment. Executive producers M. Night Shyamalan and Blake Crouch are just starting to have conversations about what that would entail, and Walden said she and Newman were “interested in hearing what they come to.”

While Fox awaits a pitch from Crouch and Shyamalan, network CEO Gary Newman did point out the need for a new showrunner as Chad Hodge won’t be returning if new episodes are greenlit. According to Zap2it, the network wants to move forward with more Wayward Pines fairly quickly as Newman said, “In an ideal world, we would be making that decision relatively soon. Ideally we’d like to bring it back right where we had it this year, because it really had a pretty great season.”

Boy, the summer television season sure is weird.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter and Zap2It)