Here Are Some Delightful ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Frank Reynolds-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is Friday, do you have a costume yet? Since everyone loves It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-inspired costumes, and with the trailer for season ten dropping yesterday, I thought I’d put together this helpful guide based on It’s Always Sunny’s most wardrobe-versatile character: Frank Reynolds. Full disclaimer though, in order to successfully pull off any of these costumes the wearer should ideally be no taller than 5’0″ and weigh no less than 175 pounds. However, most of these can probably still be pulled off unisex.

Casual Frank

Props needed: Red, short-sleeved button-down shirt, thick black-rimmed eyeglasses and a fake pistol. (For a more authentic costume use a Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snubnose in place of the fake pistol.)

Costume variation: Button-down shirt can be swapped for a white wife-beater, but only if it looks like it was dragged through the dirt a few times.

Man-spider Frank

Props needed: Black sweater with red-sequined black widow spider marking on the front, black partial face mask, cheap craft store googly eyes.

Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

Props needed: White lab coat, doctor’s stethoscope and head mirror — either costume prop or (preferably) procured from a hospital by illicit means; home HIV test kit.

Trashman Frank

Props needed: Metal trashcan, spandex King Kong Bundy-style wrestling suit.

Undercover Frank

Props needed: An old couch you don’t mind damaging and a can of Crisco for effect.

Skinny jeans Frank

Props needed: Same props as “Casual Frank,” add a pair of skinny jeans, minimum three sizes too small.

Indian Casino Owner (Lethal Weapon 5) Frank

Props needed: Non-politically correct Native American wig (can probably be found on eBay), fringe jacket, silver/turquoise jewelery and Boho tie. Extra credit for a fake cataract eye.

Shadynasty Frank

Props needed: Clashing plaid polyester button-down shirt and polyester jacket from Goodwill; a wig found in the dumpster out back behind the Goodwill.

Magnum Dong Frank

Props needed: Cheap mens’ dress shirt and tie, box of popcorn, “monster condom.”

Little Beauties Frank

Props needed: Miniature tuxedo; hair pomade and pancake makeup.

Back in Business Frank

Props needed: Contrasting collar and cuff mens’ dress shirt, dress pants, suspenders. Optional prop/Couples’ Costume: Nude female partner strategically covered in sushi.