Frank Underwood Paid A Very Menacing Visit To ‘The Colbert Report’

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09.04.14 3 Comments
Frank Underwood

Comedy Central

As the cable news pundits with way too much time on their hands continue to scold President Obama over his response, or lack thereof, to the increasing global threat presented by ISIS, it was only a matter of time before they started comparing him to fictional presidents. For my money, there’s no greater fictional president to compare the actual Commander-in-Chief to than Jed Bartlett, but The West Wing ended almost nine years ago and we could also debate all day whether or not Jed could have handled an alien invasion like President Thomas Whitmore. I’ll let you guys handle the Greatest Fictional President Debate, though.

Of course, the hot faux-politician of the day is Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood on Netflix’s hit series House of Cards, so as cable news mouth-breathers actually asked if America would be better in the hands of a man who does not exist, Stephen Colbert got to the bottom of it by having Frank Underwood himself stop by to discuss Obama, fake TV and even life after The Colbert Report.

Side note for cable news networks: If you’re going to compare the real president addressing real issues affecting real people, at least go the ridiculous distance and ask the most important question of them all – How would President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho handle things? Because the answer is really simple.

President Camacho Fingers


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