Fred Willard Is Narrating A Travel Channel Show Titled ‘Horneytown U.S.A.’

So here is something I love. Fred Willard, who recently got into a bit of trouble for pleasuring himself inside an adult movie theater, is now narrating a Travel Channel show titled Horneytown U.S.A. (God bless that man and his ability to have a sense of humor about things.) The show will feature stops at towns across the country that have goofy and somewhat risqué names, including Intercourse, Pennsylvania; Hooker, Oklahoma; and (of course) Horneyville, North Carolina, all of which are featured briefly in the trailer.

Quick Personal Note: As a lifelong Pennsylvania resident, I feel it is my duty to inform you that the town of Intercourse is located four miles east of a town named Bird In Hand and eight miles south of a town named Blue Ball, and if you happen to be 17 years old and you put all that together while driving a car full of 15-18 year olds to a baseball tournament in Lancaster, you all may get so distracted by it that you totally blow by your exit and show up late to the first game of the tournament, and your coach will get super steamed and call you an idiot.

Point being: On premise alone, I give this show my stamp of approval.

(via r/television)