From ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ To ‘Swim Quietly, Larry,’ And Other Amusing Translated TV Show Titles

As popular as True Detective was, it could have been even bigger. If only HBO had marketed the drama the same way this artistic bootlegger did, with necessary explosions and Rust Cohle’s head on Brad Pitt’s body from Killing Them Softly, for some reason. We have so much to learn from guys who sell DVDs on dirty blankets in Chinatown.

Larry David might want to listen to illustrator James Chapman, too, when (if?) Curb Your Enthusiasm returns. That’s a good name for the show, but if David really wants to make splash, he’ll change it to Swim Quietly, Larry, which is apparently what Curb translates to in Sweden.

Here are some more amusing gained in translation titles in cute illustration form.

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Via Soundimals