From the Vault: Hartman and Farley Host a Live Call-in Show

08.11.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Lately I’ve only been remembering the lousy things about the ’90s: the atrocious fashion, post-grunge pop music, “Saved by the Bell,” the Macarena, and so on. Tina Fey’s Mutual Savings Bank commercial is a nice example of the decade sucking out loud.

The ’90s also killed Phil Hartman and Chris Farley, two people who worked their asses off to at least make the decade funny. Well, I guess the ’90s didn’t kill them, per se. That ignominy falls on as a shotgun-toting wife and enough drugs to kill a family of manatees, respectively.

Still, this 1994 clip of Farley and Hartman hosting a live call-in show on CNBC is a pleasant reminder of which of our memories are worth keeping from that woebegone decade. There isn’t anything explosive or hilarious in this clip, but it’s cool to see Hartman and Farley talk about “Saturday Night Live” and their comedic influences. Listen for Adam Sandler and David Spade on the phone a couple minutes in. By the way, thanks for that one, God. Hartman gets a trio of shotgun blasts from his drunk and coked-up wife, while Spade has spent the last decade wearing a conga line of Playboy bunnies on his head of wispy hair. That seems fair.

(thanks to Oski for the tip)

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