‘Netflix’ Gifts ‘Fuller House’ Fans A Season 3 Renewal Just In Time For Christmas

Get ready for another season of cliched family fun and Bob Saget wishing he could tell more inappropriate jokes everyone, because Netflix has officially picked up it’s hit revival series Fuller House for a third season on the streaming service. The news broke on Christmas Eve through all of the show’s social media accounts, in the form of the cast opening a sparkling present and surprising fans with the gift of a renewal before Christmas Day. As well as a reminder to watch Season 2 with your family while everyone is stuck in the same house and barely hanging on to sanity, of course.

While the first season of the show is assumed to be one of Netflix’s most watched shows ever, the second season seems to have dipped in popularity a bit. Netflix doesn’t release their data, but from what is available some have estimated that Season 2 only drew about half as many viewers as the first bundle on revival episodes. That doesn’t mean Netflix is planning to stop renewing the show any time soon — as long as Stamos, Saget, and Coulier still have to make payments on their vacation houses and are okay with mugging to the camera after every joke the show will live on just fine.

It’s more a question of how many times in Season 3 the cast will take part in an overly obvious and awkwardly extended reference to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (AKA Michelle) not joining the revival or showing any interest in doing so. Netflix might get more and more desperate to make a cameo happen if the viewership numbers keep dropping at this rate.

Season 3 will drop at some point in 2017.

(via Variety)