The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Angry Fan Petition Is Getting Roasted On Twitter


There’s only one episode left before Game of Thrones comes to an end (assuming you aren’t counting the many, many “successor shows”). To quote fellow Uproxx writer Josh Kurp, “All shows must die.” Nonetheless, some folks aren’t happy about this poorly reviewed final season, whether because of an absent character, faster-paced character shifts, a change in writing style, or just unwillingness to see it end. Some of those folks — way too many of these folks — have been signing a petition demanding HBO remake the eighth season with different writers. Hoo boy.

The petition is up to over 750,000 signatures as of this writing, and this is the dumbest sentence I’ve typed in quite awhile. Over on Twitter, the consensus about the petition seems to be: “Why the hell is anyone signing this?

Some people thought of better things to start petitions about:

Via Twitter

Someone even started a petition to “stop signing petitions forcing TV shows and movies to meet your demands” because it’s “time to take a stand against those taking a stand against witnessing narratives unfold in ways we didn’t expect and pledge to never sign a petition demanding those fat cats in Hollywood adhere to our stupid, stupid ideas.”

Some pointed out that there are other ways to give a show a different storyline without haranging anyone else:

While others pointed out how HBO could better spend their money:

And plenty of people just wanted to reach through their screens and slap a few petition signers:

But some people managed to keep things in perspective:

“Whatever, just make the last episode about Tormund and the dog.”