‘She Made Us Laugh A Lot’: All The Times ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Was Hilarious

Features Writer
10.06.15 7 Comments

Buffy The Vampire Slayer was always a dark show. Between the steady barrage of demons, the constant threat of the apocalypse, and the regular stress of being a teenager, Buffy Summers had more than her fair share to deal with. However, this being a Joss Whedon venture (arguably THE Joss Whedon venture), there were always going to be plenty of quips and wise cracks all around. Yes, Buffy had plenty of moments that ripped your heart to shreds and left you a quivering mass of tear-soaked flesh on the floor, but it usually had enough funny business that little bits of light shone through. Let’s take a look back at times when the Scooby Gang took a few minutes out of saving the world to make it laugh instead. Be sure to sound off on your favorites in the comments.

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