FX Quickly Scoops Up The TV Rights To Air ‘Jurassic World’ In 2017

Jurassic World is an absolute cash cow. The film has already brought in over $500 million in domestic and foreign box office, making it the first picture to ever hit that mark in a single weekend.

Seeing this insane success, FX has decided to gobble up the television rights for the film. The network plans to show the movie in 2017, probably close to the time of the next JW sequel (according to Chris Pratt, there could be several).

Getting TV rights to popular films way ahead of time is nothing new for FX, as the network has already locked up Furious 7 and Pitch Perfect 2 for future small-screen display as well. With all of these films guaranteed to have many sequels ahead of them, it’s a smart strategy by FX to lock up these properties now while they are hot.

While Jurassic World is indeed very popular, it’ll be difficult to see it achieve the same continuous airplay that A Few Good Men or The Shawshank Redemption have received on the boob tube over the years. Those films could be channels upon themselves.

(Via Screen Rant)