‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Attempting To Recreate Arya’s Moves In A New Viral Challenge


WARNING: Game of Thrones season eight spoilers will be found below.

The Internet loves a good challenge. Of course, the word “good” can be subjective, given the sketchy Bird Box Challenge that saw people blindfold themselves and attempt to execute complex tasks. That doesn’t even though the Tide Pod Challenge, which saw teens eating detergent to impress their friends. However, the Arya Challenge (undertaken by Game of Thrones fans) carries a whole different vibe. This viral trend, of course, is inspired by Arya Stark killing the Night King with the pointy end of Littlefinger’s sword during the Battle of Winterfell.

To briefly recap, the Night King grasped Arya by the throat. She dropped her sword, caught it with the other hand, and let loose into his icy bod, shattering him into pieces and obliterating the White Walkers in the process. This was no easy feat for the youngest living Stark, who’s now setting her sights upon King’s Landing along with the rest of Winterfell’s leadership. For years, Arya practiced for this move even though viewers weren’t aware of why she was training. She may not have known either! As it turns out, that background information isn’t too important because people simply want to pay homage to A Girl.

Even if that means improvising with a remote control (or a carrot) — it’s all good! No one’s hurting anyone during these adventures, but no one can replicate the original.