Did This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene From Season Three Foreshadow Arya’s Future?

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Game of Thrones is all about foreshadowing. Practically from day one, the series has relished in its ability to take fans by complete surprise every few episodes while simultaneously laying down a significant amount of hints about future events as it moves along. That is all part of the balance that any truly great drama has to pull off to be considered top-tier, yet Game of Thrones seemingly has way more fun than other shows littering their seasons with Easter eggs, and the fans of the show certainly find loads of enjoyment in picking out specific details and forming fan theories around them. The latest centers around Arya, she of the current Fight Club side story, and what her future holds.

Way back in Season 3, you’ll remember that Arya crossed paths with the Red Priestess Melisandre and The Brotherhood Without Banners while journeying through Westeros. Ever the skeptic, Arya called Melisandre out for being a harmful witch who was going to do something bad to her one true crush (even if she didn’t know it yet) Gendry. Of course, the youngest Stark sister wasn’t wrong in her assumption seeing as Melisandre ended up putting leeches on Gendry’s little Valyrian Steel sword, if you know what I mean. Could it be in that same scene that Melisandre’s message to her new acquaintance wasn’t wrong either? If you recall, the witch foretold of Arya’s future and about a darkness within the girl.


Their interaction also included Melisandre saying she saw eyes staring back at her in the darkness, sets of all different colors that would be “shut forever”. Naturally, Reddit is now tying this scene directly to Arya’s current situation in Bravos as an apprentice, or now former apprentice, of professional assassin Jaqen H’ghar. She has already closed the eyes of a few people on her list of enemies, specifically Meryn Trant and Polliver, whose eyes just happen to be brown. Well, that’s not really a specific theory if she’s only checked one eye color off the list, right? Wrong.

Reddit user Rose_Killed_Jack is of the mind that the other eye colors correspond specifically to certain enemies of Arya’s who are in immediate or impending danger. Mostly the Waif, who has eyes of clear blue. The Waif definitely has it coming and is being super unreasonable about Arya casually not killing somebody she was pointedly told to murder, so if she is the blue eyed target then good riddance. The current assumption is that “green eyes” matches up with Cersei Lannister and that Arya will be the one to exact her vengeance on Incest Twin Number One. Cersei has a lot of nemeses, so as satisfying as this would be, there’s no clear proof pointing to Arya being the one to bring the former queen down at last. This theory is vague at best, but with Game of Thrones‘ track record of dropping bread crumbs like this over the past few years, there is at least a chance that Reddit has this one right.

(Via Reddit, H/T Mashable)

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