New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Clip: Blind Arya Gets Surprise Assassin Training In The Streets

04.14.16 6 Comments

Most of the chatter heading into season six of Game of Thrones has been about Jon Snow and where he ranks on a scale from one to dead. (Standard medical test.) This is understandable because, even though he sure looked dead and everyone keeps insisting he’s dead, it kinda feels like maybe he shouldn’t be dead. But let’s put all that aside for a second — just one second, guys, come on — to remember that Arya is now a blind wannabe assassin. That’s a big deal, too.

You know, if Jon hadn’t stolen her thunder by getting stabbed a bunch (selfish), I bet Blind Wannabe Assassin Arya is all we would have been talking about between seasons. Arya is basically a murderous teen version of Daredevil now. That could be an entire show. That almost definitely should be an entire show. Lot going on in Game of Thrones

Thankfully, during her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, Maisie Williams presented this new clip from season six that shows Arya getting some fighting lessons in the streets courtesy of her former fellow assassin-in-training. And by “fighting lessons,” I mean “thwaps with a big stick.” Seems a little cruel, but… not to keep making Daredevil comparisons, but it worked for him, right? Hell, the guy who trained him was literally named “Stick” because he carried a stick and hit people with the stick. Maybe this is just how you train violent orphan vigilantes. Not my place to judge.

(via Vanity Fair)

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