This ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory Means Bad News For The Lannister Twins

For the crazy television show cultural movement that is Game of Thrones we have been in uncharted waters for quite a while now, with the show surpassing George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books last season in a few places and this season is just entirely new. That means that fan theories have moved beyond the old faithfuls (R + L = J) and now people are speculating about anything and everything that could go down in the future. Now that we know more about Bran’s visions and what his role in Westeros sort of is, the theories about his visions and ability to impact both the past and present have made those visions incredibly important for fan theories.

The latest in fan theories comes from BuzzFeed and is centered around Cersei’s self-destructive behavior and how she can’t seem to shake a run-in with a fortune teller from her youth. The theory is built around this YouTube video from earlier this year that posits that Cersei will become “The Mad Queen” and attempt to burn King’s Landing to the ground.

Cersei seems to be a prisoner to prophecy throughout the show and history has repeated itself multiple times in the land of Westeros. So if Bran really is somehow the Bran the Builder of old and his visions of the Wildfire are alluding to future events, this theory seemingly has even more legs after events from this season thus far. The theory continues on that Jaime would have to repeat his own awful history by killing someone he swore to protect to save the people of King’s Landing from an untimely, fiery death.

While Jaime in Game of Thrones hasn’t made the full face turn that Jaime in A Song of Ice and Fire has made (I mean, what was up with last season and him forcing himself on Cersei?), everything does seem to point to Jaime always being a good guy who does what has to be done in the end, even if it tears him up inside and gets him labeled as a traitor or oathbreaker. If Tommen does indeed get caught in the crossfire in what looks to be an impending battle between the crown and the church, it’ll be difficult to not expect Cersei to want to just murder anyone who looks at her. She’s already said — numerous times — that she’d burn things for her children.

It should be said that the prophecy that his dictated her life has foretold of a her little brother strangling her to death. While everyone has always assumed that it would be Tyrion who did this, Jaime is technically Cersei’s younger brother, born moments after Cersei, holding her foot while she came out of their mother. Perhaps full circle for Jaime includes being forced to end his sister’s madness once-and-for-all while he can take solace knowing that Brienne still thinks that he’s pretty cool for a guy with a golden hand.

I guess that we’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Jaime and Cersei Lannister, because it sure doesn’t look like a happy ending is in store for either one.

(Via BuzzFeed)