This Theory On Arya And The Waif May Be The Best ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Ever

Arya Stark has been training to become a Faceless man on Game of Thrones since leaving the Hound to die in the foothills of the Vale at the end of season four. That’s a season and a half for those counting, right up until her conscience seemed to reject their “murder anyone, good or bad” mandate with theater performer Lady Crane. Suddenly she realized that she’d never be No One, she was a Stark, and she had to get back to Westeros to give the gift to those who destroyed her family, not random actors.

Unfortunately, the mysterious Waif was hiding in the background waiting for her to screw up like this. She saw Arya save Lady Crane and went right to Jaqen H’ghar for permission to murder her, which he gave. She then stabbed Arya several times in the stomach, leaving our favorite Stark for dead. But what if there’s more to what happened than meets the eye?

Redditor catNamedStupidity has a theory on the Waif and what her true relationship to Arya might be. The shortest way to explain it? What if Game of Thrones is pulling a Fight Club and Arya is the Waif? Think about it: the Waif is only ever seen by Arya and Jaqen, everyone else seems to ignore her even when she’s beating the crap out of Arya. She always knows where Arya is and is always lurking in the shadows, seeing everything Arya does.

What if the Waif is a disassociated portion of Arya’s personality caused by the water she’s been drinking in the House of Black and White? The Waif is the real No One, and her mission is to kill Arya Stark in order to transform her into a Faceless Man. When the Waif asked Jaqen to kill Arya, he seemed pleased. In effect Arya was finally asking him to kill those last parts of herself and truly become No One.

What do you think?

(Via Reddit)

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