The Long-Rumored ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cleganebowl Could Be Coming, Finally


The Night King is dead. Cersei has made her move against the Mother of Dragons. Most of the long-awaited showdowns on Game of Thrones are finally playing out, but there’s one battle we have yet to see and it just might happen in the show’s final two episodes.

That’s right, Cleganebowl lives! Or, at the very least, hope for Cleganebowl does.

To recap, Sandor Clegane (The Hound) and his older brother, Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) have been on a collision course of sorts since the show’s premiere season. The Mountain has been described as a cruel man, with an uncontrollable lust for violence. During Ned Stark’s Hand of the King tourney in season one, he lost a joust to another night and decapitated his own horse in retribution before nearly killing his opponent. So yeah, he’s a bad guy.

The Hound isn’t that great either, though he’s enjoyed a redemption arc of sorts over the show’s last few seasons, choosing to serve the Starks and fight for the living instead of continuing to be at the Lannister’s beck and call like his big brother.

But the two men aren’t adversaries just because they happen to fall on different sides of the war.

There’s a long and ugly history in the Clegane house, one that begins with a rage-fueled Gregor shoving his brother’s face into a fire when the boys were young. The incident left The Hound permanently disfigured with a debilitating fear of fire that’s nearly gotten him killed on several occasions. And though Sandor Clegane is no hero, he’s also never been accused of some of the more heinous crimes his older brother has which is why, when the two met in season seven in the dragon pits, The Hound’s warning to his sibling felt deserved. He’s a zombified bodyguard who enjoys raping women and killing children and crushing the skulls of his enemies, he kind of deserves death at the hands of a family member at this point.

And since The Hound miraculously survived the Battle of Winterfell, it seems like The Mountain just might get it.