Details You May Have Missed From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ — ‘The Bells’


With Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones behind us, we’re just one more installment away from the entire series being complete. Episode 5, “The Bells,” featured the end of Cersei Lannister’s reign, but the troubling reveal of Daenerys was possibly even worse than the tyrant she just deposed. Who would have thought that, with all the villains available for season 8, that it might be Dany playing the role of the show’s end boss?

As usual, we figure you were probably too busy freaking out over awesome moments like Cleganebowl or the annihilation of King’s Landing to catch all the small details hidden away in the episode by the crew of talented show makers. And while we’re sad to report that no coffee cups were spotted in this week’s episode, that doesn’t mean there weren’t other easter eggs strewn throughout “The Bells.” Here’s 10 of our favorites.

There wasn’t much change to the opening credits in this episode other than the addition of scorpions to the top of the walls of King’s Landing in anticipation of Dany’s attack on the city. But we did learn why the clockwork animation included specific locations inside the Red Keep. You’ll recall that the inside opening credit shots of Winterfell included the great hall and crypts, two spots that featured heavily in the early episodes of the season. Now we know the significance of the stairwell, map room, and dragon cellar.

The stairwell is where the legendary Cleganebowl takes place. The map room is where Arya and the Hound part ways, and it’s also where Cersei and Jaime reunite. Finally, the cellars where the skulls of previous Targaryen dragons are kept is where the Lannister twins meet their demise.


At the very start of the episode, we see Varys busy writing out letters to send by raven. While we don’t get a full view of what’s written, there’s more than enough to get an idea of what he’s up to.

“…is not the only Targaryen left, Rhaegar and Lyanna…” visible parts of the note reads. “…their son lives still, hidden by Eddard Stark, his name… …he is the true heir to the Iron Throne…”

A small stack of writing scrolls and tubes can be seen sitting next to Varys, implying he’s writing the same or similar messages to multiple people.


Varys’ interaction with the young kitchen girl Martha is actually more sinister than it may appear at first. When Martha tells him “She won’t eat,” and Varys replies, “We’ll try again at supper,” he’s not saying that because he’s concerned about his queen’s health and worried that she’s not eating enough. The scene implies that he’s hired the kitchen girl on in a plot to poison Daenerys. He sends Martha back to the kitchens with this reminder: “The greater the risk the greater the reward.”


When speaking to Grey Worm in Valyrian, Daenerys refers to him as “Torgo Nudho.” This isn’t some new name she’s given him, but rather, “Grey Worm” in Valyrian. It’s unclear, though, why the subtitles didn’t translate this into English.

You can add Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to the short list of celebrities who have managed to land themselves a cameo on Game of Thrones. Rodgers’ role was so small that people can’t find him … the internet has widely spread images of a Lannister archer and peasant dying in dragon fire as him, but they’re wrong. In the Game Revealed video for episode 5, Aaron describes his role: “I was helping a woman, who was injured … then the hell with her I’m getting out of there.”

With so much crowd carnage going on across the entire episode, no one has been able to conclusively spot Rodgers in the episode yet, but when he turns up we’ll update this post with images.

Back in season 2 episode 10, Daenerys has a vision in the House of the Undying that sees her wandering through the destroyed throne room of the Red Keep as snow swirls around her. Many consider her destruction of King’s Landing in this latest episode to be the completion of that vision.


But while some claim the snow falling in her vision may actually be ash, closer inspection confirms it is in fact snow. At one point you can see icicles hanging from a pillar.

Much less controversial is Bran’s vision from season 4 episode 2 (which also includes the same destroyed and snowbound throne room). He also sees the shadow of a dragon flying over King’s Landing, which is mirrored almost exactly in this latest episode.


There’s a repeating theme near the end of episode 5 involving white horses. The little peasant girl that Arya tries to save can be seen holding a white wooden horse toy in every scene she’s in. After she’s killed by dragon fire, you can see her ashen corpse with the horse toy still in her hand.


It’s unclear whether there’s a symbolic link between the toy horse held by the peasant girl and the white horse that Arya finds soon after. But as for where the horse came from, it turns out that it was the same animal Golden Company leader Harry Strickland was riding before Drogon attacked them. You can tell based on the color markings on the horse’s nose and metal work on the harness.


This last one is probably just a coincidence, but it’s an interesting one. Season 8, episode 5 aired on May 12th — Mother’s Day — and marked the death of Cersei Lannister. Back in 2014 season 4, episode 5 aired on June 15th — Father’s Day — and marked the death of Tywin Lannister.

See you after the finale for more hidden details.