Someone Spent 18 Long Months Building The Throne Room From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Entirely Out Of Lego

This recreation of the Red Keep throne room built from scratch using 15,000 Lego bricks is probably the most impressive fan dedication to Game of Thrones yet, and it also makes you forget about all the terrible stuff that’s gone down in the historic room. Think of all the little yellow heads that have been doomed to death or worse as the cruel Queen Reagent or Joffery Baratheon had control of Westeros.

But on a lighter note, it’s impossible to not be in awe of YouTuber Tusserte’s meticulous creation. He planned, then executed, a tiny, cute version of TV’s most iconic place of ruling that is also consistently updated to reflect the changes within the show. For example, Tusserte’s custom-made stained glass windows (he built a computer program to figure out how to make them) were updated to reflect Cersei’s rule and the addition of the Lannister crests. He even remade some columns because of Joffrey’s silliness.

And look at this Iron Throne, made completely out of Lego swords and spears. Tusserte says it was a “pain to make” but it’s sturdy. That’s all you can hope for when making the most coveted seat in all the land.

For those who would like to know more, Tusserte went ahead and made a making of that everyone should watch, because we all need to appreciate his sore fingers.

When you play the game of thrones in Lego bricks, you live, or you die because you can’t even handle how awesome your creation is. — Cersei Lannister, probably.

(Via Mashable)