The Contentious ‘Long Night’ Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Already Won Five Emmys

The main Emmy awards aren’t until September 22, but there are so many categories — and of such incredibly specific nature — that there are two separate shows. The ones dubbed “Creative Arts” Emmys aren’t cool enough to air on television, and they’re even held a week before the one that will air on Fox next weekend. In any case, when the big day finally arrives, one of the most contentious episodes of this year’s television will roll in with five Emmys to its name. We of course speak of Game of Thrones entitled “The Long Night.”

First off, none of the trophies are for its cinematography. The episode — featuring one of the longest and craziest battles ever put on television — was singled out for being so dimly lit its images were sometimes nearly impossible to parse. So don’t worry, the wins mostly involved sound. The episode walked away with Emmys for sound mixing, score, and music composition.

Sound isn’t something most viewers, or even critics, think of when they watch movies or television. But they should. Deadline reports that Matthew Waters, a re-recording mixer whose team won the sound mixing Emmy, spoke about the importance of creating sound in an episode where basically one major thing happens.

“The entire episode was a scene,” said Waters, “a whole storyline, and we had to keep the energy of it up…it was really a lot of tricks in our craft.”

The other two “Long Night” wins were for Outstanding Make-up for a Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) and Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series.

Of the record 32 nominations Game of Thrones received for its also hotly debated final season, it’s already won 10 total. The episode “The Bells” won for visual effects and make-up, while the show in general won for stunt coordination, casting and main title design. So maybe you were wrong to doubt the final stretch of the show guest star Ian McShane once said was nothing but “t*ts and dragons”?

(Via Deadline)