One Of The Many ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequels Spearheaded By George R.R. Martin Is No Longer Happening


Jane Goldman and George R.R. Martin’s untitled Game of Thrones prequel, which “takes place thousands of years before the events of” the hit series, is currently casting for its pilot episode. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for another one of the many prequel series (or “successor shows”) that HBO first revealed were in the works last year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent interview with writer Bryan Cogman, whose own spinoff with Martin was first announced in 2017, it’s dead in the water. Cogman, who wrote “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” “Stormborn” and many other Thrones episodes over the years, confirmed to THR that, in part because of his overall deal with Amazon, he’s leaving and his prequel isn’t happening:

I’m definitely leaving. I was developing one of the successor shows with George. George has worked with a bunch of the writers, including Jane, whose show is being done [as a pilot]. My prequel show is not happening and will not happen. HBO decided to go a different way. I’m working with Amazon now and helping them out with their shows. So, it is a goodbye. I am done with Westeros. It’s wonderfully bittersweet. I’ll certainly miss it, but I’m excited to go out on my own and try to be in the captain’s chair of my own projects, armed with everything I’ve learned.

As for what projects Cogman will be pursuing with Amazon, who knows? Maybe the streamer’s forthcoming The Lord of the Rings series will suddenly get a dose of Thrones-esque violence, meme-ability and general gloominess.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)