‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Gets A D&D Alignment Chart Courtesy Of The Internet

Back in the heady infographic days of 2010, Dungeons & Dragons parody alignment charts were all the rage, with every show and cult film getting their own variation to the amusement of plenty of people who swore to had never heard of an alignment chart before.

Game of Thrones season one was the recipient of this very accurate version, and now with the internet not knowing what to do with itself the week following a GOT break, r/GameOfThrones came up with the below new variation to pass the time.

Nothing groundbreaking, but if you’re into that sort thing, by all means take a look. Something tells me book readers may have some commentary.

But if you’re like me this may be more up your alley. Daario looks just like…

DAMN. IT. I knew he looked familiar. I totally would have put it together without the assist.