The Latest Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Leaked Early In Germany


Good news for impatient Game of Thrones fans: The HBO giant has been leaking early this season. Last Sunday, the Season 8 premiere wound up, seemingly by accident, released some four hours early on DirecTV, causing some to try and quickly sign up for the service. This week, the second episode went live even earlier, albeit only in Germany.

Variety caught some Reddit and Twitter users rejoicing over the fact that the latest episode was up on Amazon Prime, well before it aired in America. Leaked footage was even dumped on Openload, but it was quickly taken down.

As such, spoilers abound on parts of the internet, so if you’d like to wait to find out which snogging couple the voyeur dragon will spy on next or how many more dolly shots there will be into Bran’s eerily vacant face, tread lightly about the information superhighway.

Game of Thrones has always been plagued with leaks, not just this season, although that hasn’t seemed to make a dent in their ratings. Last week’s season premiere wrangled a ridiculous 17.4 million viewers, which is even more incredible when you remember it’s on a premium channel. Maybe it’s just more fun to watch it live with other people, rather than by yourself, staring at a file on your computer. Whatever the case, just make sure you enjoy it or Kit Harington won’t like you.

(Via Variety)