Let’s Imagine Some Ridiculous ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoff Possibilities

and 05.24.19 3 months ago


Every week, following the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, Uproxx’s Kimberly Ricci and Jason Tabrys analyze the goings-on in Westeros and predict what will happen in the next episode. But what happens when the latest episode has been analyzed to within an inch of its life, and there are no more episodes to follow? In the series finale of Guesses Of Thrones, Ricci and Tabrys take a look to the uncertain future of the GoT brand by suggesting spin-offs and sequels that might turn HBO’s head despite vows that no spinoffs are currently planned. So admittedly, these are incredibly silly ideas, but we’re also talking about a fantasy epic franchise. We’ve seen dragons and frozen zombies and face-swapping abilities, and — let’s face it — nothing is out of the realm of possibility, so let’s hope for the most entertaining outcome for George R.R. Martin’s characters, shall we?


Arya’s Adventures: Social media already lit up with this notion, framing it much like a Dora the Explorer, quest-like series, after the youngest living Stark decided to travel west of Westeros. Yet let’s dispense with any G-rated notions, not that this will be a saucy series. Perhaps Arya might roll around with a few blokes, or Gendry may have been squirreled away on her boat, but that last option seems unlikely. Yes, Arya needed to be in Westeros to kill the Night King, but she’s most “at home” while traveling extensively on her own, an unthinkable feat for many civilians but one that takes No One back on the journey that saw her through much of the original series. Maybe she’d encounter Drogon, and there’s a possibility that she could train up-and-coming assassins, or perhaps Arya would simply become an international woman of mystery. You know, doing her own thing with only Needle as a companion. Maybe she’ll acquire another kill list or time jump into a full-on crossover with another popular series like Killing Eve? C’mon, she’d tear Villanelle apart. – Kimberly Ricci


Weekend At Drogon’s: This one is somewhat farfetched, but hear me out. What did Drogon have with him when he fled King’s Landing in the finale? Dany’s slain body and a heavy heart. The big fella is never seen again on the show. We’re only told that he’d been seen heading east, but what if he finds a nice plot of land and an existence of quiet grief where he swears off violence after the events of King’s Landing? And what if that existence is interrupted by angry villagers who aren’t intimidated by an orphan dragon without the Mother Of Dragons on his back or fire in his belly? The solution is simple: to maintain a peaceful life without resorting to his old ways, Drogon will have to scare off his rivals by Weekend At Bernies-ing Daenerys and propping her up so that the villagers think she is there to conquer them. And then maybe some hilarity ensues. I don’t know. Also, what? It could work. – Jason Tabrys

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