A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Producer Has Issued A Statement About That Starbucks Cup In A Scene

Helen Sloan for HBO

Game of Thrones fans had plenty to talk about after Sunday’s “The Last of the Starks,” but it was the surprise appearance by what appeared to be a Starbucks coffee cup in one scene that shook audiences to their core. Was this simply a trick of the light? A not-so-great creation of the props department? Or an actual to-go cup of coffee that one of the actors had left on the banquet table before they started shooting? Turns out it’s the latter.

As noted by The Verge, Thrones executive producer Bernie Caulfield admitted in an interview with WNYC that the Starbucks cup was an honest mistake:

“I can’t believe [it]. Our onset prop people and decorators are so on it. 1,000 percent. I just honestly can’t… Nowadays you just can’t believe what you see, because people can put things into a photo that really doesn’t exist, but I guess, maybe it was there. I’m not sure. We’re sorry! Westeros was the first place to actually have Starbucks. It’s a known fact.”

The producer and her interviewer laughed off the incident, as well as the former’s confirmation and apology. Even so, considering that many different eyeballs usually pore over every single frame of every new episode of a show like Thrones, it’s interesting that Caulfield chose to name the “prop people and decorators” instead of the actors, the producers, or the director when implying blame towards anyone involved.

(Via The Verge)