George R. R. Martin Just Won Comic-Con With This Titillating Photo

George R. R. Martin continues to avoid writing A Song Of Ice And Fire by visiting San Diego Comic Con. We already know he’s an avid comic book reader who can make any fan’s day. He spent part of yesterday talking to Marvel about what he’d do with their cinematic universe. (Not surprisingly, he loves that Wonder Man was killed in his debut issue.) He also took a moment for a photo opportunity which just replaced our former favorite picture of him standing by his lake of readers’ tears.

Redditor justbeingfrank posted this picture of George R. R. Martin with the caption, “Ran into George R. R. Martin at comic-con… he really gets into his characters.

It’s taking all my willpower to not make a “breaker of chairs” joke here.

Justbeingfrank says GRRM’s publicist was taking a quick picture of Martin in the Daenerys Targaryen cutout to send to his wife. He left shortly afterward, but not before the fan was able to get a second picture.

And the fan was never heard from again. You don’t fly that close to the sun or to George R. R. Martin.

Now we just need to find out if GRRM spotted this Game Of Thrones protestor hanging around outside the convention center…


Via Reddit and Nathan Rupert