Take An Early Glimpse At Ghost Rider From ‘Agents Of SHIELD’

The latest season of Agents of SHIELD seems poised to shake up the makeup of the show a bit compared to past seasons. Chloe Bennet’s Daisy is now on the run, there’s going to be a new director of SHIELD to take over for the “dead” Agent Coulson, and there’s also plenty of new avenues for the Marvel Universe to travel down thanks to introduction of all the magic, aliens, and super-powered freaks.

One of those new avenues is the introduction of Ghost Rider into the show. The version in question won’t be the Johnny Blaze version that spread vengeance on the movie screen, but will instead be Robbie Reyes from Marvel’s All-New Ghost Rider series. We now have our first look at the character thanks to Entertainment Weekly, with some exciting words from Jed Whedon on the direction the show will take the character. Since Reyes is a relatively new character, the show has a chance to craft its own mythology for their version of Ghost Rider:

As always, we are going to put our own spin on the character,” executive producer Jed Whedon tells EW. “We are staying true to the comics in the places where we feel like it’s really important — we love the character’s family dynamic and the East L.A. kid in him.”

We also got our first look at Gabriel Luna in costume as Reyes, sans the flaming skull act for now. The costume sticks fairly close to the comic version, which also takes cues from the original Ghost Rider costume. We previously got a look at his ride at Comic-Con, so we know that there’s plenty of room for his rumored new partner, Daisy, to roll with:

Luna has already promised fans to do right by the character on Twitter, so all that is left is the finished product when Agents of SHIELD premieres this fall.

You can’t be sure if this will be the saving grace for the show, but it doesn’t seem to be hampering Marvel’s plans for more TV series. Perhaps the success of Ghost Rider here could lead to a TV series down the road?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)