Anthony Starr Reveals How Giancarlo Esposito Will Put ‘The Boys’ Season 2 On A ‘Bizarre Trajectory’

Giancarlo Esposito only briefly appeared in the season finale of The Boys, but it was clear from just those few moments that the actor would have a much greater impact on the gleefully brutal superhero satire when it returned for its second season. (You don’t just cast Gus Fring for a bit part.)

In a new interview with, The Boys actor Anthony Starr reveals that Esposito’s character Edgar is a higher-up at Vought Industrial, if not the higher-up. As fans of the show know, Vought controls the superhero team Seven (a dark parody of the Justice League), and the corporation is sitting on a trove of mysterious experiments that could potentially keep even its stronger “hero,” Starr’s Homelander, in check. According to Starr, this dynamic will put Homelander in an unusual place after the character just spent the first season basically doing whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted with very little inference. Until now.

Via Comic Book:

“Homelander thinks he’s the most important player in the game, so to speak, but Edgar very much comes from a different angle. He represents a big corporation and he really puts Homelander into a very interesting position for a superhero that is used to getting his own way and being so strong and in control. Edgar really throws the cat amongst the pigeons there and it sets old Homey off on a bizarre trajectory.”

Landing Esposito is obviously a huge get for the Amazon series. The Better Caul Saul actor is coming off an Emmy nomination for his work as Moff Gideon on The Mandalorian, and he recently made a huge splash in the world of gaming when Ubisoft revealed he’d be playing the big bad in Far Cry 6. Esposito was featured prominently in the trailer, and he’ll be bringing his signature blend of cool, calculated villainy to a whole new audience when the game hits consoles in February 2021.

The Boys season two starts streaming September 4 on Amazon.

(Via Comic Book)