Authorities Have Found ‘No Signs Of Foul Play’ In The Presumed Death of ‘Glee’ Star Naya Rivera

The search continues in the disappearance of Glee star Naya Rivera following her swimming accident at a Ventura County lake. Authorities revealed on Thursday that the operation had shifted to a recovery mission, and Naya has been presumed dead.

The updates only grew grimmer with law enforcement admitting (via People) that they “don’t know” whether Naya’s body will ever be found, given that the lake’s filled with debris, and it can take anywhere from a week to ten days for a body to surface after a drowning. Late Thursday, Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Captain Eric Buschow declared, according to ABC 13, that “there’s no evidence of foul play at this point.” He was followed by Deputy Chris Dyer, who added, “There are no signs of foul play; there are no signs of anything wrong besides a tragic accident.”

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office released this CCTV footage from a security camera that shows Naya and her son, Josey, arriving and departing from the dock at Lake Piru.

CBS Los Angeles was among the first to report the sad news of Naya’s disappearance after she and Josey had rented and deployed a pontoon boat early Wednesday afternoon. At some point, a swimming accident occurred within the next few hours, and Rivera’s child was discovered alone in the boat about three hours after the pair embarked upon the lake.

The child, who was sleeping unharmed upon discovery, told investigators that he and Rivera, age 33, had gone swimming in the Ventura County lake, “but his mother never got back into the boat.” As of Thursday, the child had been reunited with his father, Ryan Dorsey, and Josey’s reportedly “in good health.”

(Via People, ABC 13, CBS Los Angeles & CNN)