Steven Yeun Wonders If ‘The Walking Dead’ Went ‘Too Far’ With Glenn’s Death

There was a major death in Fear the Walking Dead‘s two-part season three premiere, but that’s nothing compared to what The Walking Dead fans had to endure in the first episode of season seven. After a six-month cliffhanger, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” resolved whose heads Negan bashed in like old pumpkins: Abraham and Glenn. It was grisly and hard to watch, even by The Walking Dead standards, and Steven Yeun, the actor who played Maggie’s one-and-only, wonders if the show might have gone “too far.”

During a recent panel at Walker Stalker Con in Nashville, Yeun discussed his exit from the biggest show on TV for the first time. “I actually found out I was going to die about two years before it happened,” he said. “It was, like, not talked about. It was unsaid, but it was understood that we were gonna do what we were supposed to do. I advocated for that, too, because it could’ve been just me rationalizing it, what was inevitable, but at the same time, you look at that journey and you realize that is marked in such a dramatic way in the comic that to change it, I think is a cheat.” He added, “Maybe we did it too far. It was pretty bad, but we did it and people remember it, so it’s cool.”

As for the claim that Glenn’s death was too violent, Yeun, who will next appear in Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, responded, “It was gory, but it wasn’t any more gory than anything that we’ve shown before. I think it was just watching someone you feel like you’d known getting killed that way.”

He’s right. It could have been worse. At least no wells were involved.

(Via ComicBook)