A New ‘Gotham’ Clip Shows Off B.D. Wong As Hugo Strange

B.D. Wong already looked the part for Doctor Hugo Strange, as we saw when the first images and a trailer for the midseason premiere of Gotham arrived. But how would he do once he was on the bizarre, over-the-top show? Turns out he fits right in.

The first clip pairs Wong off with Gotham‘s best cast member, Robin Lord Taylor. Things, it turns out, have not gone well for the Penguin, and he’s currently locked up in Arkham Asylum. Of course this means a visit to the therapist, and the good doctor’s perhaps messing with Penguin’s head just a little. Although needling the guy about his mom is a low blow, as even we’re not over Carol Kane’s hilariously creepy Gertrude being gone.

Strange is a key part of the upcoming second half of the season, not least because his mad scientist tendencies are bringing back pretty much everybody who died on the show, no matter how conclusive it seemed. It also has ties to Wayne Enterprises, which is run by people who think turning criminals into supersoldiers is a good idea, and is an interesting idea. Instead of Batman punching the mentally ill as therapy, the show is implying Batman fights all these future villains because he feels their creation is his fault.

That said, considering Gotham‘s tendency to issue Gordon machine guns and high explosives, there might not be any villains left at the end of the season. But we’ll find out soon enough: Gotham is back Feb. 29.

(Via YouTube)