‘Grace And Frankie’ Is Ending, But Not Before Becoming Netflix’s Longest-Running Original Series


Grace and Frankie, the perfectly pleasant comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin that has been nominated for 11 Emmys, is coming to an end after two more seasons. Netflix gave the show “a 16-episode run for its final season, taking the total number of episodes to 94,” according to Deadline. “This comes ahead of the premiere of season six, which will premiere in January 2020.”

The episode count is notable, because by the series finale, Grace and Frankie will be the longest-running original series in the history of the streaming service. The current title-holder is Orange with the New Black, which recently ended with 91 episodes. Meanwhile, Fuller House, which feels like it’s been on since the Golden Gate Bridge was under construction, is only at 57.

“We are both delighted and heartbroken that Grace and Frankie will be back for its seventh, though final, season,” Fonda and Tomlin said in a joint statement. “We’re so grateful that our show has been able to deal with issues that have really connected to our grand generation. And their kids, and amazingly, their kids as well. We’ll miss these two old gals, Grace and Frankie, as much as many of their fans will, but we’ll still be around. We’ve outlasted so many things—just hope we don’t outlast the planet.” If anyone deserves to survive the inevitable apocalypse and rebuild humanity, it’s Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

Pete Davidson is crushed.

(Via Deadline)