John Travolta Sings His Iconic ‘Grease’ Song With Zach Braff And Donald Faison In A Super Bowl Spot

John Travolta has been doing a lot of stuff lately, though unfortunately, none of that stuff involves him signing on to star in a much-needed Face/Off sequel. But still, he keeps busy!

Travolta’s latest endeavor is a Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile’s home internet, which might seem a little off-brand, but just wait until you see how they pulled this one together! Travolta reprises his iconic Grease character Danny by singing that all too familiar song about beachy summer hookups, “Tell Me More.” Though this time, he is joined by two very unlikely greasers: Zach Braff and Donald Faison, who are singing about the internet instead of his summer romance with Sandy. Sorry, Sandy.

The trio sings a version of the song that incorporates phrases like “5G” and “internet speed” into that classic ’70s pop number, because it is an ad, after all. Do we think that Travolta is secretly a huge fan of Scrubs, or did he just think the two were some really interactive background dancers? Either way, they all seemed to have a good time playing pretend neighbors who need Wifi!

Travolta last acknowledged his Grease character Danny Zuko when paying tribute to his co-star Olivia Newton-John, who passed away last summer. While he doesn’t do any singing as of late, he clearly can still hit those high notes pretty well! Check out the mini-musical ad above.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)