Florence Pugh Is ‘Flawless’ In ‘A Good Person’ (And This Trailer), According To Director Zach Braff

Zach Braff is back doing what he does best: creating gut-wrenching movies that are both inspiring and heartbreaking. His latest effort is A Good Person, starring Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman as an unlikely duo who bond after a traumatic accident.

Pugh stars as Allison, a young woman who has everything going for her when a tragic incident claims the life of her would-be sister-in-law, and her path changes. Historically, Pugh is very good at playing damaged (but not broken!) women who set out to better themselves, and Braff says that Pugh’s performance is “flawless.”

“Most actors, the director is there to shape them and steer them, and in the edit room you really shape a performance,” Braff told Entertainment Weekly. “But there’s not a single thing Florence did that isn’t correct, in my brain as the one who wrote it,” Braff explained, admitting that he wrote the role with Pugh in mind.

The two began dating in 2019 after working together on a previous shoot. Their relationship ended earlier this year, but Braff has nothing but praise for the actress and compared directing her to conducting a symphony. “You’re not really teaching or telling the first violinist how to play. You might be like, ‘Hey, a little bit louder here, a little bit softer here.’ But you’re just pretty much watching in awe at the first violinist playing, because they’re incredible. I feel that with Florence.”

A Good Person hits select theaters on March 24 followed by a wide release on March 31. Check out the trailer above.