The ‘Scrubs’ Team Is Really Into Doing A Reboot, Though It Might Just Be A Movie Because Creator Bill Lawrence Is A Little Busy With ‘Ted Lasso’

Reboots, revivals, and reunions have been all the rage for ages now, but somehow that’s eluded Scrubs, the hospital comedy from Spin City — and future Ted Lasso — creator Bill Lawrence. The closest they’ve come to that is a panel at this weekend’s ATX TV Festival, which featured Lawrence and the main cast, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and John C. McGinley among them. As it happens, that’s where they revealed that they’d love to join the reboot/revival/reunion train — when they have time.

As per Deadline, the panel found Lawrence gushing about seeing everyone back together again. “We’re all so grateful any of you still care, it gives us an excuse to hang out together,” he said. “We are happy to spend time with each other in any way.”

That brought up the idea of a proper reboot. The good news: They’re game. The less good news: It would have to be something small.

“Here’s the deal: I think we all want a reboot and want to work together again but it couldn’t be a full season. Maybe like a movie or something we could shoot in a few months,” Faison told the crowd. “With everything Bill is doing now, he’s never going to be free again. If he finds the time, we’ll do it.”

Still, Lawrence was adamant that it happen, in whatever form it takes. “We’re gonna do it because people still care about it and we enjoy spending time with each other,” he said.

Lawrence is very busy. Along with Ted Lasso, he’s also working with Vince Vaughn on a crime series called Bad Monkey, which will also be on Apple TV+. But when he has some time off from making a show about a nice guy starring a nice guy, maybe Lawrence can get everyone back in their old hospital outfits.

(Via Deadline)